League Racing

League Racing Series held Thursday nights throughout the season.

Each year, the GVVA hosts weekly racing at the West Shore Velodrome. Series standings are calculated for A,B and C category racing with all members encouraged to participate.

Since 2014, we’ve changed the way league points are issued. The model is loosely based on the 2014 UCI points format for Omnium events, but is adapted to support the following:

  • Acknowledge all completed events, with at least 1 participatory point awarded.
  • Support all-cats events by accumulating overall points, but then splitting the results based on categories, allowing flexibility of race organization.
  • Encourage participation by awarding points field-deep.
  • Discourage DNF’s by awarding no points.
  • Balance win points awarded for Match Sprints versus bunch racing to avoid over-bias toward sprinters. Overall leaderboard will race Monday and Thursday to gain maximum points.

Our volunteers do their best to record field deep results.  When full field results are not recorded, a single point is awarded to the remaining field not recorded.  Volunteers will do their best to record the top 3 placings, at minimum.  To foster full field results, consider volunteering on race night or find a friend or family member to help record results.

League Series Individual Rankings

Points are accumulated for each event completed. Only a DNS or DNF results in zero points.  A bunch race winner, regardless of category, receives 40 points. A match sprint winner, typically best of three sprints, is awarded 30 points.  Points race is points plus 20 points, or 1 point. Lapped riders receive zero points.

Timed Events
For timed events, including flying lap (200m), Time trials – 500m, kilo, and pursuit ( 2km, 3km, 4km) points are awarded following the new UCI Omnium points awarding system. That is 40 points for first place result, 38 points for 2nd, 36 for third, all the way down to 20th place, with 2 points. For 21st place and higher, those that finish the event will be awarded 1 point.

Bunch or Endurance Race Events
For bunch racing events such as Scratch race, Elimination, Win-and-Out points are awarded based on finish position – 40 points to first place, 38 for second place, 36 for third, on down to 2 points for 20th place.  For 21st place and on,  each participant that does not DNF receives one point. This is following the new Omnium points format, and awards points for the series that encourages participation.

Points Race Events
When the league runs points races, the points awarded during the race are added to their series points + 20 points. When no points are achieved in the event, but the race was completed, 1 point is awarded.  When the rider is lapped and receives negative points, zero league points are awarded.

Match Sprints
For Match sprints, typically held on Monday evenings, 30 points are awarded for a best-of-three match win, and one participatory  point for a loss.   Match pairings are set by the rider’s flying lap times.

Team Pursuit, Italian Pursuit
For these events, the winning team for any heat is awarded 20 points to each member, the losing team 1 point for each member.

League Points  Summary

  • Zero points awarded for DNS or DNF.
  • At least one point awarded for completing an event.
  • Maximum 40 points for a win, with exception of Points Race which is 20 points plus your race points, and a match sprint win taking in 30 points.
  • Points across categorized races are awarded equally. A-category win is 40 points, then a B-category winner receives 40 points as well for the B-race.
  • For combined category, or all-category races, points are awarded by result order – categories are not split out.
  • Category rankings will be created at season end, to determine an overall leader per race category. Athletes occasionally moving up from lower categories will be ranked on their normative category.
Event Points Notes
Flying lap (200m)  40 points, 2nd = 38, 3rd = 36 points, … 20th = 2 points, 21st and higher receive 1 point.
Match Sprint 30 points = Match Win, 1 point for loss, zero for DNF. When quarters/semis/finals are played, points are 30 = gold, 28 =  silver, 26 = bronze on down. A match is typically a best of three sprints. When only a single match sprint occurs then only 20 points are only awarded for the winner.
500m TT  40 points, 2nd = 38, 3rd = 36 points, … 20th = 2 points, 21st and higher = 1 point.
Kilo  40 points, 2nd = 38, 3rd = 36 points, … 20th = 2 points, 21st and higher = 1 point.
Pursuit  40 points, 2nd = 38, 3rd = 36 points, … 20th = 2 points, 21st and higher = 1 point. If not timed, following match sprint rules = 30 points for win, 1 point for participation.
Team Sprint When timed: 1st = 40, 2nd = 38,36 for each member, … If not timed, 20 points for each team member for win,  1 point for each of losing team.
Bunch Races, Keirin, Tempo, Handicap 40 points, 2nd = 38, 3rd = 36 points, … 20th = 2 points, 21st and higher = 1 point. Excluding Points Race.
Points Races  Points received plus 20. If Zero points, then 1 point. If negative (i.e. lapped) then zero  For example, if the winner accumulated 17 points, his league series points is 37. If a rider is lapped with -20 points, his league points achieved is zero.

Club Race Events by Weekday

Monday Night Racing Events

For Monday nights, the league racing will typically alternate between matched sprints and timed events, such as the Kilo, pursuits, etc. However, the agenda for the evening is determined by the evening’s organizer and is often decided amongst the participants. Typical races may be selected from the list below:

  • Flying 200m
  • 500m TT
  • Kilo TT
  • Individual Pursuit
  • Team Sprint
  • Team Pursuit
  • Matched Sprints
  • Keirin

Thursday Night Racing Events

For Thursday nights, the league racing will typically focus on endurance  events. The agenda for the evening is determined by the evening’s organizer and is often decided amongst the participants. The evening almost always starts off with a warmup Scratch race, with several laps being ‘neutral’. The kinds of races you;d see on a Thursday night are some of the following:

  • Scratch Race
  • Wheel or Handicap Race
  • Points Race
  • Elimination
  • Win and Out
  • Keirin
  • Madison
  • Tempo